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From mines to the podium
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I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity, all I hope for in my clothes
history pages
history pages
history pages
May 20, 1973 is the birthday of jeans, it was on this day that Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss received a patent for the creation of work overalls for farmers and miners
Leather label
Two horses pulling a pair of jeans in different directions and cannot break. With this, the inventors wanted to demonstrate the strength of the fabric
Made from denim (serge de Nîmes), the shape, with studded pockets and double orange stitching, is literally timeless
Jeans began to be marked with batch numbers — this is how the famous Levi’s 501 appeared
main Features
main Features
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"Blue de Genes" has its origins in the Italian city of Genoa or Gene.
The fishermen of this city dyed fabrics with indigo pigment brought from India
blue color
Оriginally used to strengthen and durability the product, and later to identify the brand
Double orange stitching
small pocket
A small studded watch pocket was first added by Levi Strauss to their jeans in the late 1870s
Miners and other workers appreciated the copper rivets that "strengthened" the pockets. Before that, their pockets were often torn
Rivets on pockets
Fashion is mysterious
as a rule. Why are blue
jeans a classic?
You just hit on something
that happens to be
timeless and right
women's jeans
women's jeans
In 1934 Levi Strauss & Co. ventured to change the course of women's fashion forever by releasing the first model of women's jeans, which became a symbol of equality and freedom
Lot 701
Called "Lot 701", Levi's women's jeans reflected Western style and were intended for working-class women on cattle ranches and ranches
I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans
Jeans, which for a long time were just work clothes, gained popularity thanks to the Hollywood Westerns of the 1930s
Rock stars have
made this style cool
The time of the hippies has arrived.
denim was associated with rebellion, individuality and self-expression
Jeans have become a symbol of counterculture
forbade wearing jeans
that ONLY increased their status!!!
hit the runway
Jeans hit
hit the runway
Anna Wintour shocked the fashion world when she placed a model in jeans on the cover of American Vogue
Calvin Klein became the first designer to bring blue jeans to the podium
By the 1990s, fashion houses such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior had also entered the jean market
Jeans represent democracy in fashion
Jeans IN NUM
Jeans IN
Over 1.25 billion pairs of jeans are sold every year. The average American owns seven pairs of blue jeans
The average price paid for a pair of jeans in the U.S. is well under $50. In Luanda, Angola, however, a pair of jeans typically costs $177. Geneva is another pricey city for blue jeans, with the average pair running $153
Gucci “Genius Jeans”
In 1998, the so-called Gucci “Genius Jeans” (not the one pictured above) made headlines by being named by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive jeans ever. It was first showcased in Milan, debuting for $3,134.
3,134 $
Dussault Apparel
Hand-crafted jeans from Dussault Apparel are then embellished with two rubies – one is of 16 carats and the other is of 26 half-carat. The jeans are also adorned with 8 half-carat diamonds along with 1080 grams of 18-carat white or rose gold.
Secret Circus
A lot of people probably wouldn’t even give it a second look – until they see the back of the jeans. The right back pocket is encrusted with 15 diamonds, the main reason for that $1.3 million price.
fast fashion
fast fashion
fast fashion
Don't Rush to Throw Out Your Old Favorite Jeans — they can have a new life
fast fashion effect
In the last 15 years, clothing production and consumption has doubled and the average consumer purchases 60% more clothing
Focus on the innovations that make jeans and all other products as durable as ever - materials created with thoughtful quality from sourcing to finishing
Sustainable fashion
In the last 15 years, clothing production and consumption has doubled and the average consumer purchases 60% more clothing.
green planet
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